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Early spring skin care honey square

 Every season, the skin will begin to trouble the patience, and the arrival of early spring, a lot of MM often feel very dry skin, and even allergies, in fact, the focus of early spring skin care is moisturizing and anti-allergy, then what kind of skin care products can solve this problem?today Xiaobian to introduce you to honey beauty early spring honey maintenance is the most suitable for both moisturizing and anti-allergy.

Spring, almost everywhere, pollen, during this period, the skin prone to allergies, especially sensitive skin, red hot. And when the season, a lot of MM will find that is not suited to the skin, easily becomes dry, rough, large pores, the oil too much. How to solve it? Following together to learn how to use honey moisturizing anti-allergic!

Honey moisturizing Law


Honey is rich in B vitamins and vitamin C, a good skin-friendly, its moisturizing effect class. Here are just several honey moisturizing techniques.


Moisturizing: Face painting method

If your skin is particularly dry, and even dry wrinkles, fine lines, and so on, daily morning and evening after cleansing, take the amount of honey diluted with water, applied to the face, and with appropriate massage, the skin will have a good moisturizing effect may also prevent wrinkles!


Moisturizing: honey do body wrap

In the early spring of this period, a lot of MM may also find that the skin on the body also becomes particularly dry, even itching, you can use honey production membrane to moisturizing anti-itch. The honey is applied to dry skin on the arms, chest, thighs, can have a very good moisturizing effect.

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