Love fresh network
Love fresh network
To cherish real network love

 Life can not believe in love, but life can not help but feel the love, life and even can not feel the love, but life can not go from love. Because love is blowing, like water and air, how can resist it.

Encounter between people, no matter where, under any environment, should be memorable. Some people say that online dating is nothing but a monologue. But so many online dating story, which to one to the dialogue, specific, but it is not blank scene, like a movie story has a ending, who has a final resting place. Online and maybe that is the case.

Since and he met online, my life will be a joy, but also a sad. Lots of times a lot of things all so go with the flow, but also a bit weird. Know him my heart there is a feeling of belonging. So in a warm taste wet night, we are pouring their own aspirations. The heart is like a kite, dancing in the spring, in the vast sky fly freely. That moment, so the joy and happiness of the moment, let me to experience eternal in the moment, I made him a woman. Love is a beautiful note, manufacture beautiful melody. The impact of the human soul, giving unlimited warmth and passion, but also that moment, I fell in love with him, and there is a want to have all the dreams. Very warm, very safe in his arms.

Days together, although short, we are not to know each other, but because of the kind of hugged full and happy, the kind of hazy feeling. Too many people can not afford something, not everything has a successful outcome, I know, the two of us are vulnerable, heart touched that broken love has been flashing, people will wear thin, I do not willing to withstand the bumps of love can be lonely and fiery, can not escape the spiritual shackles, I do not want to miss, so afraid of committing, desire has spread into a desert, something deliberately to break the harmony, and perhaps never find the original delicate, however, I decided to give it a try.

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