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Japan style painting Kansai gourmet taste

 The most traditional Japanese culture, the most prosperous city, the most mature commercial civilization, the oldest monastery in the most beautiful harbor, the longest cross-sea bridge, as well as the the most praise cuisine, achievements the absolute beauty Kansai.



Kobe beef fabulous


Kobe beef is too well known, so that the whole world is full of all kinds of lies posing as Kobe beef. In fact, so far, the pursuit of excellence production is not Kobe beef, in addition to a very small part of exports to Australia and Hong Kong and other regions of the world, not real Kobe beef. Even in Kobe, Tajima cattle only through the "Featured" certain quality standards before they can be called "Kobe beef". Kobe beef is generally divided into five levels, 200 g, ranging from 200 to 4,000 yuan RMB. Kobe Kobe Food Street Pavilion restaurant to enjoy Kobe beef cheap Kobe, where the basic per capita consumption is 400 to 500 yuan / person. You a good seat is best to book in advance, lest you wait too long at the door, destroy the mood of hope cuisine.


Japanese cuisine

A chef to go through about seven to eight years of practice to become truly skilled grilled Kobe beef. Most Japanese cuisine has a sense of a very beautiful ceremony, eat Kobe beef is no exception. Chefs will be standing on the iron plate stage, typical Japanese-style action and tone solemnly welcomed the guests and introduced the dinner dishes, and then began to shovel work again on stage with a knife, while also taking into account the different issues raised by the guests. to ask guests to beef. Most Chinese guests are generally one-fifth to eighth cooked, but we insist on 30 percent want a taste of fresh beef taste. Beef before it looks very thick texture, meat middle floc like cloud pattern looks like marble. These white cloud floc "is also called" snow ", a very low melting point of beef fat, as the temperature is gradually increased, it will slowly melt.

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