Love fresh network
Love fresh network
The network love affection most true

 Love of the network, although it is a love can not spend, but they are only to pay a true love also engraved for Hang!


Love of the network, although it is a love can not spend, but in the long journey of life, co-written thoughts precipitation each other heart turned into a chapter filled with the truth of the text, one song after another inspiring poems these love from the soul out of print, the ancient, engraved eternity!

- Fresh lily

Regular Internet, mostly online dating experience blog where a pair of love Masterpiece brilliant fireworks, such as a road, decorated with a young and beautiful dream!


People can not live without a spiritual world, in the network world, online dating is the need of the spirit, the network love love most true! Because the majority of the online dating are separated by mountains and rivers, because of the distance, so that the love and adds a beautiful and sacred! Adds a thoughts and worries! Lovers of both ends of the cable, maybe life did not see each other again, but only relying on text to complete the heart and the heart of the collision, the blend of love and affection.


Network love is a real emotional, online dating is a gentle and quiet love, cared about each other to each other, to experience TV drama a eternal Chanjuan miss! Such feelings are completely outside the physical desire, if body and soul phase is the highest perfection of love, network love is another realm of love, is another life views! Online dating is the situation deepening, the sublimation of love! This feeling free and romantic, there is no worldly constraints, no real marriage restrictions, clear, pure, like a transparent crystal.

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