Our Story---2014
Our Story---2014
Clouds of love
Clouds of love
Online dating is a wonderful thing

 Miya courtship:

Online dating is the love of a thousand miles,

Miles's edge.

Chic in the most chic

The romance of the most romantic.


Refinement of life.

Regardless of the ends of the earth,

Bring people buried in the heart of love catharsis.


Miya courtship:

Online dating is a mirage,

Online dating is the dream of the rainbow.

I said it was a continuation of the edge

Fell in love with the people of God-given hand red line.


Miya courtship:

Online dating is not to judge people by their appearance,

Romance no money or status bias.

No pressure real life,

People will feel the love in the network,

Elegant and distant.


Miya courtship:

Online dating a distance the United States

The beauty of distance.

Fantasy romance,

The fantasy most perfect.

A "platonic" the spirit of love,

Very noble and very pure.


Miya courtship:

Online dating is a wonderful thing,

Such as shining stars in the vast sky,

Enrich our imagination,

Poetry of our lives,

Edify our mind sentiments.


Miya courtship:

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