Love fresh network
Love fresh network
Online Dating - I love this network love

 When the sun melted the once barren and frozen, when the spring breeze blew away all memory once, when the network will be the new Link, right close horizon becomes. I sowed the seeds of love in the bright spring inside; collection of beautiful shower of petals in the spring drizzle; spring marching step child came up to me in the sunshine, filled with the sweet aroma of fruit; When still savoring fruit sweet spring associated children have not been windblown, love, memories have become.

       Oh, the network of love, it is so simple. Simple to any burden, simply not had time to really face-to-face, simple to let your heart always be connected to a thin cable.


      Network love is so sweet and romantic. Romantic sky in an instant harvest the fragrant petals petals flying at the screen, but people can not help but reach out and want to pick up this piece of the sweet. Although no one really embrace and allows the tenderness the overflow was pleural full.


     Network love, sweet and romantic but from so far away, far to Mouguang passing thousands of miles, and was surprised to find love is still in the distant horizon.


    Network love blossom in an instant, but great, full of places in an instant petals. I imagine up patches of fallen flowers Guangyan drawn into the patch of colorful quietly gorgeous dreams.

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